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All Maritime and Admiralty regulatory matters, including Infringements and criminal offences of dangerous navigation, PCA, safety breaches, Admirality claims and marine ownership issues. We handle many Contractual disputes and Marine and personal insurance claims and issues as well as Bills of lading, Carriage of goods, Ship purchase, sale or repair. Commercial shipping and fisheries, Salvage, Port operations including Towage and piloting maritime law matters. Our professional crew of maritime law and admiralty law specialists are ready to offer advice and suggest legal strategies that act in the best interest of your defence. =END:NEWSFLASH

Top Specialist Maritime Lawyer and Marine Law services, Legal Advice and Representation in all Australian and International Admiralty, Marine Law and Maritime Legal Matters.

Australian Maritime Lawyers is one of Australia’s top shipping law firms, specialising in marine and maritime law in Australia as well as international maritime law.

Dedicated to raising awareness of admiralty law, marine law, environmental impact of vessels and maritime actions and federal maritime law. As well as protecting our clients, their vessels, and their rights at sea, our skilled team of maritime lawyers are here to help you navigate all aspects of maritime and shipping law while providing guidance for your commercial shipping or personal queries pertaining to maritime law.

The team at Australian Maritime Lawyers are specialist maritime criminal infringement lawyers ready to defend your legal rights and represent you in all criminal matters whether pertaining directly to Australian Maritime Law or Admiralty Law infringements, Crimes or Arrest at Sea, Shipping charters or international maritime treaties or civil criminal law infringements.

As expert maritime law and marine lawyers, we are proud to offer cost effective, professional legal and maritime and marine law advice to our clients in order to ensure complete compliance with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority Act 1990, as well as with international shipping law regulations.

Whether it`s criminal maritime law prosecutions by police or marine insurance law issues with Commonwealth agencies, charges of dangerous or culpable navigation, crimes at sea or arrest of ships the marine criminal lawyers of Australian Maritime Lawyers have considerable experience negotiating international admiralty, maritime and marine law treaties.

Australian Maritime Lawyers are well versed in Australian Maritime Navigation Act of 2012 including all maritime security requirements and maritime safety law according to Australian statutes.

Our Maritime Lawyers offer some of the most experienced and tenacious Marine Law Legal representation available to Sydney

Mr. Nick Boyden - Australian Maritime Lawyers Principal marine criminal lawyer, has been actively engaged in boating and shipping for most of his career as a criminal defence lawyer. Nick Boyden embarked on his chosen path as a Naval Officer in the Royal Australian Navy. A tireless tactician, Nick is proud to bring his experience in Maritime Law to his clients in 2017 and offers legal services in admiralty law, marine law, shipping law and cruise ship law. International Marine and Maritime Law is an expertise of the Australian Maritime Lawyers Law firm.

The team here at Australian Maritime Lawyers are an expert admiralty law firm specialising in admiralty law. We help clients with a professional or private interest in marine, maritime or commercial shipping activities. We ensure that our clients are compliant at all times not only with the Admiralty Act 1988, but also with international maritime law, national marine law in Australia, and with individual state laws, such as those dictated by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, for example.

Expert Admiralty Law Advocates in Australian Maritime Lawyers - Specialist Marine Law Legal Representation.

The talented team here at Australian Maritime Lawyers is headed by Mr. Nick Boyden, who has gained a significant reputation across Australia thanks to his highly rated work with Australian Criminal Lawyers. Particularly known for his tactical actions and his expert negotiation skills, which have brought him and his clients huge success both in and out of court, Mr. Boyden has first hand maritime experience including extensive training at the Royal Australian Naval College, and from his time as a Royal Australian Navy Officer. Mr. Boyden is a proud supporter of boating and shipping industries in Australia, and regularly draws upon his professional and personal knowledge of maritime matters to help and assist his clients.

Australian Maritime lawyers are specialist marine criminal lawyers who defend against maritime criminal charges for infringements of Maritime or Admiralty law. Top specialist marine lawyers who defend maritime criminal charges of crimes at sea, arrest of ships as well as marine law charges of dangerous or culpable navigation.

Working with an experienced marine criminal lawyer here at Australian Maritime Lawyers, our team can also assist you with any crimes at sea, ship arrest, maritime insurance issues involving commonwealth agencies and ownership matters with complex regulatory details. Should further infringements be of concern, including criminal charges of culpable navigation, permanent court arbitration (PCA) and safety breaches at sea, our team of maritime lawyers can assist. We can also assist with marine environmental and pollution issues as a result of maritime activities both within Australian waters and internationally, outlining responsibilities at sea, as well as offering professional guidance in relation to marine environmental aspects such as sea dumping and bio-fouling in line with the Environment Protection Act 1981.

Maritime Contracts, Commercial Shipping and Salvage Contracts are an Australian Maritime Lawyers specialist area of expertise

With years of experience in marine law, our Australian Maritime Lawyers are experts in the particulars of maritime contracts, and frequently offer professional advice regarding commercial shipping matters involving marine, maritime and admiralty law.

As a top maritime and admiralty law firm Australian Maritime Lawyers confidently defend criminal cases involving maritime law contracts, marine law matters involving - carriage of goods by sea, crimes at sea, ship arrest, salvage and recovery of ship are some of the cases we as marine law specialists have successfully defended

Maritime Contracts, Ship Charters and Ship Contracts in Australian Marine Law

Our team are able to efficiently and effectively manage any maritime contractual disputes on your behalf, providing arbitration and mediation relating to the carriage of goods, to maritime business negotiations, or in relation to contract salvage.

Ship recovery, Shipping and Salvage Contracts

Our maritime law salvage professionals can assist with all legal aspects of salvage operations, particularly contract salvage arranged between two or more independent parties in advance, spontaneous pure salvage, salvage of ships and any salvage awards that our clients may be entitled to.

Australian Maritime Lawyers have extensive experience negotiating and arbitrating marine salvage contracts in all their details.

Commercial Shipping and Ship Management Contracts

Our commercial maritime law services ensure that our clients have quick and easy access to all the advice they need if they decide to start a marine business, or sell an existing marine business - either at sea, or for land-based businesses where activities have a dedicated maritime focus.

We offer our clients compliance checks and regular auditing as and when required, to ensure observance of legal guidelines and regulations every step of the way. As one of Australia’s top shipping law firms our services also extend to the carriage of goods, liner shipping law, and regulations for commercial shipping and commercial fisheries. With vast experience in maritime law and shipping law cases we have expert knowledge of international shipping law.

Docking, Port and Harbourage Issues expertly handled by Australian Maritime Lawyers

For both commercial trading operations and passenger operations, working with a maritime lawyer at Australian Maritime Lawyers helps to ensure that port control bills of lading - whether a straight bill of lading or an order bill of lading - are completed with the necessary information required to ensure efficient and straightforward port control operations at Australian ports and port control at international ports. This includes shipper and receiver names, shipment date, number of shipping units, weight, description of packaging, description of goods, and so on. We can also assist with maritime laws for cruise ships and other vessels, including legalities surrounding towage and pilotage in and out of port areas where required by Australian maritime and admiralty law.

Personal Boat and Ship Ownership Issues – Australian Maritime Lawyers secure your investment

Along with being experts on the law of admiralty, commercial maritime law, and federal maritime law, Australian Maritime Lawyers are also able to offer expert advice relating to a ship purchase, sale of ships, or repair of ships, along with marine insurance and the leasing of any maritime vessels to third parties or businesses.

Working with a skilled maritime lawyer, our clients have easy access to all the maritime law information they need to fully and accurately complete or amend registration of marine ownership, we also have a dedicated team focusing on marine, personal and shipping insurance. This ensures that our clients - and their vessels - are comprehensively covered by maritime insurance should the worst happen, minimising impact and reducing associated costs.

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Australian Maritime Lawyers are one of Australia’s most prominent shipping law firms, covering everything from admiralty law to maritime laws for cruise ships. For more information about our vast experience in handling even the most complex of shipping law cases, our expert team of professionals headed by maritime lawyer Nick Boyden, or our extensive range of marine law services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Advice and representation in all maritime matters including:

  • Regulatory matters
  • Infringements/criminal offences including dangerous navigation, PCA, safety breaches etc.
  • Admirality claims, arrest and ownership matters
  • Issues arising under the Biosecurity Act 2015 (Cth)
  • Arbitration and mediation
  • Contractual disputes
  • Marine and personal insurance
  • Bills of lading
  • Carriage of goods
  • Ship purchase, sale, repair
  • Environmental and pollution matters
  • Liner shipping
  • Commercial fisheries
  • Towage and pilotage
  • Port operations
  • Salvage


Principal lawyer Nick Boyden has been a lawyer for almost 20 years.   Having been involved in boats and ships for much of his life, he commenced his working life as an officer in the Royal Australian Navy after being awarded scholarships to the Royal Australian Naval College and Royal Military College.  While studying for his law degree he worked full time, including as an investigator with the NSW Ombudsman’s Office.  Since being admitted as a solicitor, he has worked on some of the biggest criminal cases in Australia including ancillary civil proceedings.  He has an excellent reputation as a tireless and fearsome advocate and tactician  – both with an eye for detail and the ability to pragmatically assess, foresee and predict a litigant’s next moves. He is also a skilled negotiator and seeks to avoid lengthy and costly court proceedings where possible without prejudicing his clients’ interests. He is the author of numerous articles in professional publications, is frequently called upon to lecture to other lawyers and is a member of the following professional organisations:


  • Maritime Law Association of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Shipping Australia Limited
  • Maritime Industry Australia Limited

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